GOD's FREE GIFT of Salvation

At the time of this writing, and for many, many years now, the world has been self-destructing right before our eyes. Suicide rates are climbing. Addictions have escalated at record levels with overdose rates high. Families are breaking down. Divorce has become the norm. Kids are left with electronic devices and virtual reality instead of being surrounded by loving parents, family and human interaction. There are wars and rumors of wars all over the world. Famines are rising. Pandemics have changed life as we knew it. Unusual pestilences are on the rise. We are seeing the worst evil going on. People are becoming more and more cold and uncaring. Above all of this is the demonic, cruel assault on Israel by inhuman monsters who are doing the unthinkable... the unimaginable... to the precious people of Israel, while there are those who are denying this is even happening after videos and pictures and on site reporting. Hate is overwhelming. Self love is abounding.

What's the answer? What does the future hold? Will hate or love win? Jesus Christ already won the battle 6000 years ago. So, He has won and is busy preparing a place in Heaven for each one of us who receives Him. The purpose of this life here on earth, is to find HIM so that we can spend eternity together... that's perfection and it's forever and ever! There will be no more tears, no sickness, no sorrow, and now more death.

We are living in a dying, fallen world. It's all in the Bible. You need to read it. The answer to all of this is right there.

Jesus came 2000 years ago to save this dying world from hell. If you can acknowledge that Messiah Jesus came here as a baby in a virgin birth, that He died on the Cross for you so that you can have eternal life, and that He rose from the dead and ascended back to our Father in Heaven, then you've begun your journey of true Salvation. It doesn't stop there, though. You must follow Him the way He teaches us to. You must read His Word, the Bible, as many or more times as you eat food each day. Let His Word take root in you and grow so that you can be changed to be more like Him and less like your old sinning self. He wants you. He loves you. He will protect you. There are no denominations in Heaven, so there shouldn't be any here as well. Find fellowship of like-minded believers and gain strength.

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GOD bless you all!